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We use purified water to clean windows via a double trim brush. Using pure water means surfaces dry to a spotless, streak free finish. We are environmentally conscious and as such, never use detergents or chemicals. No detergent residue means that windows stay cleaner for longer and therefore remain cost effective for the customer.

The access systems we use include:

  • Ground operated ‘reach and wash’ systems
  • Mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP’s)

We specialise in the Pure water fed pole system of window cleaning as these benefits advance our company:

  • Cleans up to 72 Feet (8 floors) with a new lightweight pole
  • Reach & Wash, Tucker poles & Omnipole
  • Cleans windows, UPVC, facades, glass roofs, panelling and cladding
  • Eliminates the use of ladders, cherry pickers, cradles etc on 95% of buildings
  • Operators work from the safety of the ground
  • Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease
  • Environmentally friendly, no chemicals are ever used
  • Maintains privacy and reduced disturbances
  • Saves you money

This new method of window cleaning has revolutionised the cleaning industry as the benefits outweigh other cleaning methods. By using a 100% pure laboratory graded water, which is then pumped through telescopic poles, we now are able to access and clean windows to heights in excess of 65 feet (5-6 floors).

There are also no Health and Safety risks, making it  the safest and most cost effective cleaning method with excellent results. Depending on the needs of the application, we utilise both traditional and the very latest techniques to gain access and attain a top quality finish on both interior and exterior areas of glass.

In accordance with health and safety regulations it is now not possible to undertake a window cleaning job without completing a full risk assessment first. Our cleaners are trained to provide the most efficient and cost-effective window cleaning service. Confined spaces and places where there are many obstructions still call for the use of the ladder to reach spots where machinery is inaccessible. For larger scale services we use abseilers, cherry pickers, hydraulic platforms and telescopic Terra Firma glass and carbon fibre poles. There is no space too small or too high for us to reach and our highly skilled staff will assess the needs for each job individually to ensure the correct and most efficient equipment is used.

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