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We provide a complete service for all your recycling and waste needs. We deliver a wide range of value, standard and premium waste recycling solutions for your office – we can provide any type of bin for your office. Our recycling services offer a low cost and easy way for your office to recycle more, which benefits the environment and saves you money.

Our recycling service accepts all types of office waste except food, we provide sacks, bins, posters, training and support to help your staff recycle as much as possible. Pack your bins high with paper, cardboard, magazines, newspapers, envelopes, jiffy bags, packaging, plastic bottles, carrier bags, wrappers, glass bottles, glass jars, tins, cans and foil and we will organise for it to be collected in one of our Carbon Neutral vehicles – we sort the recycling for you, so you don’t have to.

Waste Mixed

It is now law that all commercial waste must achieve some degree of recycling prior to disposal into landfill. In addition, there are some items (such as electrical goods) that must be reprocessed. With increasing landfill tax charges and more recycling legislation in the pipeline, businesses should consider introducing or expanding their recycling services.

We can set up simple, user friendly recycling services to suit your needs. We can run them alongside your existing waste service or take on management of all your waste needs and work to recycle as much as possible within your budget.

You can usually reduce your waste service and waste costs by diverting the material in your rubbish bin to a recycling bin. This service change should provide enough funds to set up a separate recycling service. We can work out the best combination of waste and recycling services to match your bespoke business needs.

The main materials that can be recycled are: Cardboard, Paper, Plastic, Cans, Glass, Food, Toner cartridges, Batteries and all electrical goods (WEEE). Collections of these materials can be set up as a single stream or via a standard mixed recycling service. This may depend on your waste volumes and storage facilities.

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