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Protecting the environment for future generations and for everyone’s benefit is something we take very seriously. We review our work processes, cleaning products and equipment to ensure we are minimising the impact on the environment in which we work. Pacific Support Services’ environmental policy is designed to not only follow the letter of the law but to uphold the spirit of positive care for the environments. Our policy includes:

  • Complying with all current EU and UK legislation and regulations.
  • Impact assessing the actual and potential environmental implications of all our activities.
  • Striving for continuous improvement in environmental performance by setting objectives and developing key performance indicators.
  • Employing best practice to prevent pollution, minimise waste and maximise the efficient use of resources (materials, fuel and energy)
  • Identifying and managing key risks with pre-planned arrangements in place to respond to all foreseeable emergencies.
  • Involving employees and contractors in our environmental programmes and providing training to enable them to discharge their responsibilities.
  • Communicating with suppliers to encourage their participation in environmental best practise.
  • Producing an annual environmental report setting out progress for our customers, employees, regulators, suppliers and other interested stakeholders.

Every employee has individual responsibility to help meet the requirements of this policy. All constructive ideas for minimising adverse environmental impact can be discussed with our area managers, supervisors or Richard Pallett Managing Director of Pacific Support Services.

While we are driven to provide the highest possible cleaning service, we will always, where possible, use environmentally friendly products.

Throughout all our services, we consciously refrain from those that contain harmful and damaging chemicals or detergents.

Pacific Support Services are an ISO 14001 accredited company.

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