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War On Plastic

With the help of @BBCOne ‘s #WarOnPlastic series, plastic waste has become an issue at the forefront of people’s minds. The Grundon Guide to Recycling Plastics We found The Grundon Guide featured in June’s issue of @CleaningMag extremely helpful and…

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Office Cleaning 3

Office desks contain more than 400x the number of germs as a bathroom toilet; germs that contribute to UK workers taking seven sick days per year on average. That number can be decreased significantly by implementing a well planned and…

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Floor Cleaning

Our routine floor maintenance program is extensive and ensures we can clean and maintain all types of flooring, including non-slip safety flooring, marble, concrete, parquet, tiled and vinyl. Floors

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Office Cleaning 2

Our trained cleaning operatives are skilled in a huge range of office cleaning tasks and can always find the right solution for your business. Office Cleaning If you are in need of Office Cleaners, feel free to get in contact…

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Office Cleaning 1

Our teams of friendly and professional office cleaners offer a wide range of flexible cleaning services at a cost-effective rate. Office Cleaners We will always work hard to find the right solution for you and your business.

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